Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Puppy Head-Start

Congrats to the newest Puppy Head-Start graduates! Don't miss out on our next round of Puppy classes starting Sunday March 2nd, at 3:30! This class is all about setting your puppy up for success! The class focuses on socialization; with people, other puppies, new sights, sounds, environments and textures! Socialization is the key to success with a young pup. We sanitize the floor before the pups come in and make sure that everyone is up to date with their vaccinations to be sure that we have the most safe environment possible for your new pup to learn in! It is never to early to start, and with gentle, positive reinforcement based techniques, you can create a relationship with your puppy that will last a lifetime! The Puppy Head-Start class also focuses on basic issues like potty training, teething, appropriate puppy manners, how to greet new people and dogs, and simple obedience cues. If you have a puppy, don't miss out on their early socialization period! I recommend that anyone with a new puppy should attend this class! For a little more background on why early socialization is so important, check this out:

Don't hesitate! Your puppy's socialization skills are crucial, and the earlier you start, the better! For safety reasons, we require that your puppy be at least 10 weeks old and have their first 2 sets of vaccinations. But, you can even start earlier with private sessions to get your pup started out right!

I created this curriculum because it is what I wish I would have had available as I was raising my own pup! Please don't miss out in this important time period in your pups life!
Check out for more info about how to get your puppy started out on the right paw!!

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