Saturday, February 9, 2013

Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Tonight was the first night that we tried out the new Honest Kitchen food. It is a dehydrated food with a great ingredient list. Just add some water and its a great way to give the dogs a very close-to-fresh meal, without having to take the time to cook it! On tonight's menu is the fish (wild, line-caught Haddock) formula called Zeal.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exciting Outings

Today I took Andreu and my Dachshund Hunter to the Southern California Pet Expo. It was totally hectic there (which I had expected); inside the Long Beach Arena, with TONS of dogs and people, booths, loud speaker announcements, etc. It was so packed that it was often hard to find our way through the crowd! Andreu did wonderfully despite all of the commotion! He was a bit nervous when it would get really crowded, but took treats from me the whole time, listened to everything I asked him to do, was excited to greet other dogs and go sniff people, and even performed some tricks! I was so proud of my confident little boy!