Thursday, January 3, 2013

Andreu's Training Progress

It has been quite awhile since I have posted an update on Andreu's training, specifically working through some of his fears and focus issues.  Well, our training goals have paid off!  Partially by consistently timing high value rewards in distracting situations, as well as being aware to not make too big of a deal about going through puppy fear phases.  Often, one of the major keys that I would have to remember (and still do) is to keep everything FUN and engaging when we are training in distracting situations, and to NOT ask for too much!  If I can tell that Andreu is distracted than I am only going to ask for simple behaviors, in fact at the beginning I would generally not ASK for anything, but just wait for any focus on me (primarily eye contact).  As he became more consistent with this I began to ask for more, but I must always be careful to read his body language and only ask for what he will be able to mentally handle in the individual situation.  He has now become quite successful with performing many of his behaviors in distracting situations, including outdoor malls, indoor training facilities, outdoor restaurants, and most recently in a hotel on our vacation to Mammoth.
Having lunch at the Main Lodge in Mammoth.

I am so proud of my little man!  He is really growing up, and his training is coming along beautifully!

Hiking on snowy trails.

Having lunch in The Village in Mammoth.

Behaving around distractions.

In a Down Stay during lunch.

Showing off some tricks at the Calabasas Commons.

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