Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Training Goals & Woes

So, I think that it is easy to feel a bit lost in raising and training a puppy. I constantly find myself asking if I am doing the right thing for my puppy in every situation. I wonder if I am doing enough training sessions, and I struggle with what behaviors I should be working on next. Sometimes it seems much easier to give others advice on puppy training, than to figure out what to do with my own puppy.
Today Andreu came to work with me for part of the day. He did pretty well, and we had some moments of brilliance! However, we also encountered some extremely distracted moments, as well as a couple of all out barking fits at dogs who surprised him (not a particularly common reaction for him). The question is: where to go from here? I've decided that part of the answer may be writing down my goals for Andreu, and my plans on how to get him there.
So here goes! First goal: focus! Although I have been working on this with him since he was young, we still have some work to do with certain distractions (dogs, cars), and with duration. The important element with Andreu is to make it fun! So that is what my goal will be. I will update with our progress soon!

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